Mexico tourism outlook for 2011

What can travelers expect from Mexico in 2011? That’s at least a $64 million question, given the many people who visit the country every year. And the answers seem to point every which way. Across Mexico, international visitors and drug-war casualties rose in 2010. As the country moves into its third century – and President Felipe Calderon’s drug war moves … Continua a leggere

Suspected Assassin in Pakistan Was Seen as Risk

The killer of a prominent secular politician had been removed from a special police branch several years ago because of his extremist religious views, but was still assigned to an elite security force tasked with guarding the victim, a senior police official said Wednesday. It was not yet clear whether the assignment as a body guard to the slain politician, … Continua a leggere

Iran exiles mark suicide of late monarch’s son with grief and anger

The apparent suicide of the former shah of Iran’s youngest son has shocked and saddened Iranian emigres, many of whom were forced into exile by the Islamic Revolution and hoped their country’s monarchy could one day be restored. The death of 44-year-old Alireza Pahlavi of a gunshot wound at his home in Boston brought home the personal tragedies of many … Continua a leggere

Marsha Blackburn: Health Care Reform is a “Jobs Killer”

Marsha Blackburn defended GOP efforts to repeal health care reform, calling it something “we have to do.” “Our constituents tell us this is a job killer,” Blackburn told CBS News Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes. “They also want us to focus on reducing what the government spends – reducing the size of the federal government and putting the American people back … Continua a leggere

China Rolls Out Its First Stealth Aircraft

China’s first radar-evading stealth fighter staged a runway test at an airbase in central China on Wednesday and could make its first flight as early as Thursday afternoon, the Hong Kong editor of a Canadian military journal said. But the nation’s state-run media, which called news of the tests “rumors” in Wednesday’s newspapers, sought to play down reports about the … Continua a leggere